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The chief of police or designee, and the city manager or designee on appeal, shall have the power to revoke a taxi permit issued under this chapter for any of the following reasons:

A. Suspension, revocation or expiration of the taxi driver’s license;

B. The violation by the taxi driver of any of the terms, conditions or requirements of the taxi permit under this chapter;

C. Any act or omission of the taxi driver or any fact or condition which, if it existed at the time the application for a taxi permit was filed, would have warranted the denial of the application;

D. Failure of the taxi driver’s payment of any judgment against them for personal injury or death, or property damage arising out of their operation of a public transportation vehicle, within thirty days after the judgment has become final;

E. The taxi driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while operating a taxi or is convicted of a crime relating to drugs or alcohol;

F. Failure of the taxi driver to pay when due any applicable taxes imposed by the city;

G. Any other grounds stated in this chapter. (Ord. 4952 § 1, 2018)