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For purposes of this chapter, certain words and phrases are defined and shall be construed as set forth herein unless it is apparent from the context that a different meaning is intended.

A. “City” shall mean the city of Bakersfield.

B. “Taxi” shall mean any person, corporation, partnership, joint venture or other form of business organization, their lessees, receivers or trustees, engaged in operating at least one vehicle for the transportation of passengers over the streets of the city in exchange for a fare or fee. “Taxi” does not include transportation network companies, as defined under the California Public Utilities Commission.

C. “Substantially located” shall mean a city or county where a taxi meets either of the following:

1. Has its primary business address within that city’s or county’s jurisdiction; or

2. Where the total number of trips (prearranged and nonprearranged) that originate within that city’s or county’s jurisdiction account for the largest share of a taxi’s total number of trips over the previous calendar year, as determined by trip sheets submitted by the applicant to the chief of police or designee.

D. “Substantially located/trip sheets” shall mean the documentation required to prove substantially located as that term is defined above.

E. “Taximeter” shall mean any instrument or device approved for use under the applicable laws of the state, which mechanically or electronically calculates the charge for the use of a taxi. The taximeter registers such charge by means of figures, including dollars and cents, calculated by an initial charge and thereafter a charge for distance traveled and/or waiting time.

F. “Taxistand” shall mean a place on a public street designated by the city manager or designee for the use of a taxi covered by this chapter. (Ord. 4952 § 1, 2018)