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In the erection, improvement and repair of all public buildings and works, and in furnishing any supplies and materials for the same, or for any other use by the City, the City Council shall establish, by ordinance, criteria including dollar amounts, requiring bidding and award of a contract, if awarded, to the lowest responsible bidder submitting a responsive bid. Whenever the Council determines that work, supplies, equipment or materials can only be reasonably obtained from one vendor because of restricted availability of such work, supplies, equipment or materials, or because of the necessity to successfully integrate such work, supplies, equipment or materials into an existing City project or system, the Council may authorize award of a contract for such work, supplies, equipment or materials without first seeking bids therefor. Projects for the resurfacing, maintenance or repair of streets, drains or sewers are exempted from the requirements of this paragraph, if the City Council determines that such work can be performed more economically by a City department than by contracting for the doing of such work.

The City Council may in its discretion reject any and all bids and readvertise for bids.

The City Council, after rejecting bids, or if no bids are received, may declare and determine that, in its opinion, based on estimates supplied by the City Manager, that work in question may be performed better or more economically by City employees or the materials or equipment may be purchased more economically on the open market, and after the adoption of a resolution to this effect by at least four affirmative votes of the Council, may proceed to have said work done in the manner stated, without further observance of the provisions of this section. Such contracts likewise may be let without advertising for bid if such work or supplies or equipment shall be deemed by the City Council to be of urgent necessity for the preservation of life, health, or property, and shall be authorized by resolution passed by at least five affirmative votes of the City Council and containing a declaration of the facts constituting such urgency. (Amended November 8, 1988: amended November 3, 1964)