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It is unlawful for any person in the city:

A. To run, jump, skip or play on any automobile parking lot, or on the grounds of any drive-in theater or drive-in restaurant, designed primarily to accommodate automobiles of patrons, guests, or invitees of the owner or occupant of any of the premises set forth in this section;

B. To lodge in any public building, grounds, parks, streets, sidewalks, or use any trailer, housetrailer, bus, truck or automobile in any park, public grounds, streets, or sidewalks for sleeping or lodging purposes; this subsection shall not apply to any organized recreational outing under the supervision of the recreation department of the city or of the county, or when authorization is duly given by the council of said city for similar purposes, as set forth in this chapter;

C. To enter the premises, including the grounds of any private residence, for the purpose of participating in any festivity, party, social function, social affair, dance, ceremony or private gathering of persons, unless such person so entering the premises or grounds, was at the time of such entering, an invitee or guest of the occupant of said premises; and no person under false pretense of being an invitee or guest shall gain admittance to any such premises or grounds. (Ord. 2606 § 3, 1980; prior code § 10.08.020)