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For the purposes of this chapter, the words set out in this section shall have the following meanings:

A. “Apartment houses” means any structure designed, built or rented for occupation as a home by three or more families, each living in a separate apartment containing cooking facilities.

B. “Drive-in restaurant” or “drive-in stands” means and includes any restaurant, or any place where food or beverages or other refreshments are sold to the public, or so designed as to accommodate the automobile or other vehicles operated or occupied by patrons or customers of said restaurant receiving service in said automobile or vehicle.

C. “Drive-in theater” means and includes any land enclosed by a fence, containing a stage or screen designed primarily for the presentation of moving pictures, shows, dramatic or musical performances and designed to accommodate automobiles or other vehicles operated, used or occupied by the patrons of said theater during the presentation of said show or performance.

D. “Hotel” includes motel, motor hotel and motor court.

E. “Trailer court” or “trailer park” means and includes any area or tract of land where space is rented or held out for rent and intended for occupancy by two or more coaches or trailer houses. (Prior code § 10.08.010)