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A. The enforcement officer, city manager, and/or designee shall supervise the collection and removal of all discarded materials by the city and shall enforce the provisions of this chapter.

B. The city manager or designee shall establish routes and days for collection and may change same from time to time. When such routes and days are established or changed, they shall give such notice thereof as they may deem advisable.

C. In all cases where city manager or designee finds that practical problems are created by the requirements of this chapter as to the placement of discarded materials for collection by the city or collector, the city manager or designee shall designate where such discarded materials shall be placed or kept for collection and the conditions under which it shall be collected.

D. The city manager or designee shall make such rules and regulations not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter as may be necessary, reasonable and proper to effect the expeditious, economical and efficient collection and removal of discarded materials by the city or collector. Such rules and regulations may also relate to the required frequency of discarded materials collections at various locations, the type and number of discarded materials containers required, and the vehicles used in making such collections. The determination and approval of the city manager or designee shall be conclusive.

E. Process for Enforcement.

1. City manager or designee shall monitor compliance with the provisions of this chapter through compliance reviews, route reviews, investigation of complaints, and an inspection program. Section 8.32.190 establishes city’s right to conduct inspections and investigations.

2. City may issue an official notification to notify regulated entities of their obligations under this chapter.

3. For incidences of prohibited container contaminants found in containers, city or its designee shall issue a notice of contamination to any generator or responsible party found to have prohibited container contaminants in a container. Such notice will be provided via a cart tag or other communication immediately upon identification of the prohibited container contaminants. If the city or its designee observes prohibited container contaminants in a responsible party’s containers on more than three consecutive occasion(s), the city may assess contamination processing fees or contamination penalties on the generator.

4. With the exception of violations of contamination of container contents addressed under this subsection, city shall issue a notice of violation to noncompliant entities requiring compliance within sixty days of issuance of the notice.

5. Absent compliance by the respondent within the deadline set forth in the notice of violation, city shall commence an action to impose penalties, via an administrative citation and fine, pursuant to Section 1.40.010.

Notices shall be sent to “owner” at the official address of the owner maintained by the tax collector for the city or if no such address is available, to the owner at the address of the multifamily premises or commercial premises, or to the responsible party for the collection services, depending upon available information. (Ord. 5076 § 20, 2022; Ord. 3605 § 1, 1994. Formerly 8.32.150)