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A. It shall be the duty of every person who is the owner of any single-family, multifamily, or commercial property within the city to make arrangements for the proper collection and disposal of discarded materials generated or accumulated on the premises in accordance with this chapter.

1. It shall be the duty of every generator of discarded materials to participate in discarded materials collection, by placing all discarded materials in the appropriate discarded material container as described in Section 8.32.130.

a. Generators may self-haul discarded materials if they meet the self-haul requirements prescribed in Section 8.32.140.

b. Generators may manage their source separated organic waste by preventing or reducing their organic waste, managing organic waste on site, or using a community composting site pursuant to 14 CCR Section 18984.9(c) and as described in Section 8.32.140.

B. Commercial businesses and property owners of multifamily dwelling units shall:

1. Annually provide information to employees, contractors, tenants, and customers about organic waste recovery requirements and about proper sorting of source separated recyclable materials and organic materials per the requirements in the collection agreement and this chapter.

2. Provide education information before or within fourteen days of occupation of the premises to new tenants that describes requirements to keep source separated organic materials and source separated recyclable materials separate from solid waste and the location of containers and the rules governing their use at each property.

3. Provide or arrange access for city or its designee to their properties during all inspections conducted in accordance with Section 8.32.190 to confirm compliance with the requirements of this chapter.

4. If a commercial business wants to self-haul, meet the self-hauler requirements in Section 8.32.140.

C. Upon request, a person who is the owner of any single-family property within the city may receive a medical assistance service accommodation in the form of a smaller cart or alternative service location; provided, that the person presents the city with written medical verification from their current physician. The specific guidelines of the medical assist program shall be determined by the city manager or designee and may be published from time to time on the city’s website.

D. Nothing in this section prohibits a generator from preventing or reducing waste generation, managing organic waste on site, or using a community composting site pursuant to 14 CCR Section 18984.9(c). (Ord. 5076 § 15, 2022)