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A. For the protection of the collector and efficient handling, all discarded materials shall be placed in the appropriate discarded material containers unless otherwise provided for in this section. All solid waste shall be placed in the solid waste container, all source separated recyclable materials shall be placed in the recyclable materials container, and all organic materials shall be placed in the organic materials container. Said containers shall be kept free of all liquids and further prepared in the following manner:

1. Discarded materials are to be securely placed in either a cart, bin, compactor, or roll-off box.

2. Swill, when the city manager or designee determines a premises is producing it in sufficient quantities so as to be salvageable, shall be separately accumulated in standard containers, or otherwise disposed as solid waste.

3. Animal or human excrement and all types of disposable diapers must be wrapped securely and placed in solid waste containers or standard automated carts.

4. Grass clippings are to be placed in organic materials containers or cardboard containers, provided such containers do not exceed fifty pounds in weight when served by the collector. Cardboard containers will be taken unless otherwise indicated that they are to remain. Areas served by standard automated carts are required to place all grass clippings in the cart; no other container shall be serviced.

5. Green waste, including shrubbery and brush trimmings, with branches not over one and one-half inches in diameter shall either be securely tied in bundles on both ends not exceeding four feet in length or eighteen inches in diameter, or placed in cardboard containers that, including their contents, do not exceed three cubic feet each nor fifty pounds in weight. Such material shall not be placed in any discarded materials container. Exception: Standard automated cart areas shall cut branches to fit inside container. Branches must be cut to a sufficient length allowing material to freely fall from standard automated carts when inverted by mechanical means.

6. All ashes must be thoroughly cold by the day of collection; residential ashes must be placed in a disposable cardboard box not to exceed fifty pounds or disposed in a manner approved by the city manager or designee. Ash may only be placed in automated carts after complete cooling is accomplished in a properly secured plastic or paper bag.

7. Containers, cardboard boxes, or other receptacles containing grass clippings, weeds or leaves may also contain dirt which is incidental to such green waste; provided, that the maximum permitted weight is not exceeded; under no circumstances is sod to be placed out for removal by the collector.

8. Any discarded materials not prepared in accordance with this section need not be handled by the collector, unless otherwise specified in an active collection agreement, and if allowed to lie about and accumulate for any length of time shall be deemed in violation of Section 8.32.140. (Ord. 5076 § 13, 2022; Ord. 3605 § 1, 1994)