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A. Whenever any place, premises or use of property has accumulated discarded materials which require special handling or are not prepared in accordance with Section 8.32.130 or which are not regularly collected and charged for under the provisions of this chapter or which have not been regularly collected due to obstruction or other factors impeding pickup during scheduled collection, or which require or request additional containers (if on automated type service), or which require abatement of illegal dumping activities or unsanitary premises violations, or which are placed in a commercial container in a compacted state, collection and/or removal of such discarded materials shall be considered a special collection.

B. Charges for such special collections shall be identified in Section 3.70.040 and the related resolution setting fees. Such charges may be adjusted from time to time to reflect the actual total cost of providing such service. Properties served by standard automated carts which require or request additional containers shall be charged an additional fee for each additional container as established from time to time. Whenever any property has containers which are not placed in accordance with Section 8.32.120, there may be levied a penalty as set forth in the general penalty provision of Section 1.40.010.

C. Whenever any place, premises or use of property has damaged a container through a negligent act or acts, a charge equivalent to the actual replacement cost or repair shall be assessed the occupant as defined in this chapter. Actual replacement or repair costs shall be determined by the city manager or designee.

D. Industries in the city, not the city, shall be responsible for the proper collection and removal of industrial waste from industrial premises. The city manager or designee shall determine what is and what is not industrial waste. (Ord. 5076 § 3, 2022; Ord. 3605 § 1, 1994)