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A. Pursuant to Section 8.04.020, the Kern County environmental health services department performs all functions, powers and duties relating to the health inspection of city food establishments.

B. Chapter 8.58 of the Kern County Code requires that all Kern County food establishments be individually assessed and ranked according to risk factors developed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In order to determine compliance of the full operation, inspections are unannounced and occur at various times. At the conclusion of each inspection, a letter grade is conspicuously posted for public viewing at the establishment, reflecting that establishment’s degree of compliance with state law. If the inspection reveals the presence of critical health and sanitary violations that pose an immediate risk to food safety, the establishment is immediately closed until the operator is able to demonstrate compliance.

C. Chapters 8.58 and 8.59 of the Kern County Code of Ordinances and all subsequent amendments or revisions thereto are adopted by reference and shall be applicable to the regulation of food establishment businesses in the city. (Ord. 4839 § 1, 2016; Ord. 4394 § 1, 2006)