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If, upon investigation, it is determined by a police officer or animal control officer that probable cause exists to believe any dog poses an immediate threat to public safety, then the peace officer or animal control officer may enter any premises where the dog is kept, other than a place of residence or closed garage, to seize and impound the dog pending any hearing to be held pursuant to this chapter. Subsequent to such hearing, if the dog is determined to be vicious and its release would create a significant threat to the public health, safety and welfare, the city manager or his or her designee may issue an order that the director of animal control destroy the dog. No such order shall take effect until at least two working days after the personal service of the order upon the known animal owner or seven working days after the date of mailing if the order is sent by first-class mail to the known animal owner. If the animal owner is unknown, no such order shall take effect until the dog has been impounded at least seven calendar days. (Ord. 3941 § 1, 1999)