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A. No selling or serving alcohol;

B. No selling to persons in vehicles;

C. No amplified sound or loudspeakers. Must comply with the noise limits in Chapter 9.22 of this code;

D. No discharge or cause to be discharged to a public sewer, any waste as defined in Section 14.12.220(B) which directly or indirectly connects to the city’s sewerage systems;

E. No lighting, except localized lighting that is used on or in the food vending vehicle;

F. No obstruction or interference with the free flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, including but not limited to access to or from any business, public building, or dwelling unit;

G. No restriction of visibility area sight distance at any driveway or intersection;

H. Posting, in public view and without obstruction, on the back upper left side of the vehicle, the following items:

1. A valid permit certification and valid permit sticker from the county of Kern’s public health services department; and

2. A city code enforcement sticker that provides a phone number to report violations;

I. Hours of operation shall be between six a.m. and ten p.m. from Monday through Saturday and between six a.m. and eight p.m. on Sunday, except in the commercial center zone (CC) and the central business zone (C-B), where hours of operation shall be between six a.m. and one a.m. from Monday through Sunday;

J. Provide at least one trash receptacle and one recycling receptacle for use by patrons within twenty feet and in a convenient location that does not impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic;

K. Upon vacating the site, must collect and remove the aforementioned trash receptacle and all litter and debris generated within a minimum fifty-foot radius of the food vending vehicle;

L. Food vending vehicles shall be a permitted use in the following zone districts: CC (commercial center), C-2 (regional commercial), C-B (central business), M-1 (light manufacturing), M-2 (general manufacturing) and where permitted by Section 5.66.070(I). Operation in any other zone district, or operation of multiple food vehicles pursuant to Section 5.66.070(H), shall require approval of a conditional use permit in accordance to the process established by Chapter 17.64 of this code;

M. Food vending vehicles must park at least seventy-five feet away from a primary frontage for patrons of a restaurant and at least two hundred feet away from the following zone districts: R-1 (one-family dwelling), R-2 (limited multiple-family dwelling), R-3 (multiple-family dwelling), R-S (residential suburban) and PUD (planned unit development), unless operating in accordance with state law and with Section 5.66.070(I) or pursuant to a conditional use permit;

N. Shall permit law enforcement officers to inspect the premises of the food vending vehicle business for purposes of ensuring compliance with the law at any time the vehicle is open for business. Such inspections shall be conducted in a reasonable manner and shall be as frequent as necessary;

O. Maintain liability insurance policy of at least one million dollars that names the city as an additional insured. (Ord. 5135 § 1, 2023; Ord. 4862 § 1, 2016)