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A. Any person holding a taxi permit, regardless if permitted in the city, and who desires to apply for a taxistand permit, shall do so only upon applying and obtaining written permission directly from the chief of police or designee.

B. The taxistand application shall be accompanied by the written consent of the occupant of the first floor of any building of that property in front of which it is desired to establish such vehicle stand, or if the building is a hotel, the written consent of the manager, or if there is no building on the premises or if there is a building and the first floor is not occupied, then the written consent of the owner, agent or lessee of such building or premises. In the event that the occupant, manager, owner, agent or lessee refuses, fails or neglects to grant consent, the chief of police or designee shall set a time of hearing within a reasonable time from when the application was filed. Each person qualified to make or offer a formal objection shall be notified in writing not less than five days prior to such hearing, so he or she is given an opportunity to be heard. Notwithstanding the response by the occupant, manager, owner, agent or lessee, the chief of police or designee shall have the right to grant or deny any taxistand application, and may issue or refuse to issue such permit.

C. At the time of applying for a taxistand permit, the applicant shall verify, under oath, that he or she has not, nor has anyone on their behalf been paid, or promised to pay, or offered to pay, nor agreed to pay, deliver or give anything of value for obtaining the consent or endorsement by the occupant or person required to given such consent to the granting of a permit to occupy any stand upon the streets as required in subsection (B) of this section, and for the violation of subsection (B) of this section, such person shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.

D. All taxistand permits shall contain a provision that they are subject to revocation by the chief of police or designee at any time.

E. It is unlawful for any taxi to occupy any regularly established taxistand unless such taxi has been assigned that specific taxistand.

F. It is unlawful for a taxi to remain in any taxistand unattended for a period of time longer than ten minutes. (Ord. 4952 § 1, 2018)