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A. Should any applicant or permittee be dissatisfied with the decision of the city manager or designee not to grant a permit or revoking a permit, then said applicant or permittee may, no later than ten days after notice of such decision is deposited in the United States mail, addressed to the applicant or permittee at the address provided on the application, make written objection to the city council setting forth the grounds for dissatisfaction, whereupon the council shall hear said objections at a regular meeting no later than three weeks following the filing of the objection with the city clerk. The applicant or permittee shall be given written notice no less than three days prior to said heating. The council may, upon said hearing, sustain, suspend or overrule the decision of the city manager or designee, which decision shall be final and conclusive.

B. Pending the hearing before the council, the decision of the city manager or designee shall remain in full force and effect and any reversal thereof by the city council shall not be retroactive but shall take effect as of the date of the council’s decision. (Ord. 3831 § 1, 1998)