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A. The following shall constitute grounds for revocation of an alarm user permit:

1. The violation of any of the provisions of this chapter;

2. The occurrence of excessive false alarms due to defects or deficiencies in an alarm system;

3. Any false, misleading or fraudulent statement of a material fact in the application for an alarm user permit, or in any report or record submitted or filed with the city; or

4. Failure by the alarm user to respond within twenty minutes to a request made by a police department representative to permit or provide access to the property where an alarm has been activated.

B. Prior to revoking an alarm user permit, the chief of police shall notify the alarm user in writing of the intended action not less than ten days prior to the effective date of such action. The notice shall specify the reasons therefor and the alarm user’s right to appeal the revocation in accordance with Section 5.08.160 of this chapter.

C. The chief of police, may reinstate a revoked permit, at his or her discretion, if he or she finds such alarm user:

1. Pays a reinstatement fee as set forth in a resolution adopted by the city council; pays, or otherwise resolves, all outstanding fees, citations and fines; and provides satisfactory evidence to the chief of police that the alarm system has been inspected and repaired, if necessary, by the alarm installation company; and/or that additional training in the proper use of the alarm system was provided by the alarm installation company for all alarm users; or

2. Provides proof that an employee of the alarm installation company or monitoring company caused the false alarm giving rise to the revocation; or

3. Otherwise makes upgrades to the alarm system, provisions for video or personal verification of any alarm dispatch request or other agreements as deemed appropriate by the chief of police; or

4. Attends and passes an online alarm school program designated by the chief of police. (Ord. 4649 § 1, 2011)