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A. The chief of police may assess a false alarm response fee to an alarm user for each police response to a false alarm. The amount of such fee shall be paid by the alarm user as set forth by resolution of the city council.

B. A false alarm response fee shall not be assessed if the monitoring company or alarm user notifies police dispatch within five minutes of the alarm onset that a police response is not necessary and prior to the arrival of the police officer at the premises.

C. The chief of police shall notify the alarm user in writing after each false alarm. The notification shall include: the amount of the false alarm fee assessment for the false alarm, the fact that response may be suspended for excessive false alarms, and a description of the appeals procedure available to the alarm user. The chief of police will notify the alarm user and the alarm installation company or monitoring company in writing ten days before the alarm response is to be suspended. (Ord. 4649 § 1, 2011)