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A. The chief of police is empowered and authorized to regulate the use of alarm systems and administer the regulations and provisions of this chapter. The chief may, in his or her discretion, suspend police response to a nuisance alarm as defined in Section 5.08.130 or to an alarm system or alarm user for excessive false alarms, except that the chief of police may continue to respond to duress alarms, holdup alarms or panic alarms.

B. The chief of police shall:

1. Designate the manner, form and telephone numbers for the communication of alarm dispatch requests.

2. Establish a procedure to accept cancellation of alarm dispatch requests.

3. Establish a system of recording data and maintaining records necessary to implement this chapter.

4. Establish a procedure for notifying alarm users of false alarms, including information regarding the date and time of police response to the false alarm, the amount of the fee for a false alarm and that response will be suspended to a nuisance alarm or for excessive false alarms.

C. The chief of police may request that an alarm user and the alarm installation company and/or monitoring company responsible for the repair or monitoring of the alarm system appear at an appointed time and place to meet with a representative of the city to review the circumstances of each false alarm.

D. The chief of police is authorized to promulgate regulations and procedures to require the removal, replacement or modification of certain types of alarm system devices, including, but not limited to, any duress, panic, or holdup alarm button. (Ord. 4649 § 1, 2011)