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A. The operator of an adult entertainment business shall not permit any doors, except doors to restrooms and toilet stalls in restrooms on the premises, to be locked or barred during business hours and, in addition, the operator shall be responsible for seeing that any room or area on the premises shall be readily accessible at all times and shall be open to view in its entirety for inspection by any law enforcement officer. An applicant/owner/manager/licensee shall permit law enforcement officers to inspect the premises of the adult business for purpose of ensuring compliance with the law at any time the premises are occupied or open for business. Such inspections shall be conducted in a reasonable manner and shall only be as frequent as necessary.

B. A sign setting forth the following information shall be maintained in a conspicuous location in every arcade, theater and room open to the public within the adult business:

“This area is subject to inspection by city police or other city officials at anytime. Patrons have no expectation of privacy in this or any other area of this establishment.”

All such signs shall be at least eight inches by ten inches in size and be printed with dark ink upon a light contrasting background with letters at least one-half inch in height.

C. The restrooms shall be free from any adult material. Restrooms shall not contain televisions, monitors or other motion picture or video projections, projectors, recording or reproduction equipment.

D. This section only applies to the operation of an adult bookstore, adult motion picture theater, adult mini-motion picture theater, adult motion picture arcade, or adult live entertainment theater which comes into existence after the effective date of this ordinance, or to existing adult entertainment businesses which relocate or undergo interior remodeling. (Ord. 3956 § 3, 2000)