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A. Should any person believe that any fee set by the city council in the Master Fee Schedule is in excess of the costs reasonably incurred, then said person may, no later than five days after said fees are set by the city council, make written objection to the city council setting forth the grounds for dissatisfaction, whereupon the council shall hear said objections at a regular meeting no later than thirty days following the filing of the objection with the city clerk. The appellant shall be given written notice no less than five days prior to said hearing. The council may, upon said hearing, sustain, suspend or overrule the decision setting the specified fee.

B. The provisions of subsection A shall be in addition to any state law that may apply to any statute of limitations to commence a judicial action to attack or set aside any ordinance or resolution adopting or modifying any fee. (Ord. 3825 § 1, 1998)