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When it is found by the city manager that the city owns real property which is no longer needed by the city (except for property held in public trust), he shall report the property description and any other pertinent information to the city council which may declare the property “surplus” or “exempt surplus” and authorize the sale thereof by the city manager or designee and the proceeds from any such sale shall be deposited in the city treasury. Under the direction of the city manager or designee, the declaration by city council and the sale shall be conducted in accordance with Government Code Section 54220 et seq. Such sale shall be conducted either by competitive bids or by negotiated sale in the following manner:

A. Competitive Bids. The city manager or designee shall obtain an appraisal on the real property to be sold, when such property exceeds four thousand dollars in value, and shall advertise for competitive and formal bids with a minimum bid of no less than ten percent below the appraised value. If the property is valued at less than four thousand dollars, then the city manager or designee may accept informal bids. The highest bid shall be accepted for sale. At the time and place of such sale, oral bids may be considered by the city manager or designee after giving proper notice of such fact, provided such oral bids shall be at least five percent higher than the highest written bid received at the time of opening of bids. The city manager or designee may, at his discretion, require cash or cashier’s check in an amount equal to ten percent of the bid price to be deposited by the bidder at the time of making or submitting his bid. The winning bid shall be awarded in accordance with Government Code Section 54220 et seq. The person to whom any bid is awarded shall execute the purchase and sale agreement within fifteen days and consummate the sale based on the terms of said agreement, unless otherwise provided by the city manager or designee.

B. Negotiated Sale. The city council may authorize a negotiated sale of real property at or below the real property’s appraised value in accordance with Government Code Section 54220 et seq. and any other applicable state and/or federal requirements. (Ord. 5133 § 1, 2023; Ord. 5084 § 1, 2022; Ord. 3799 § 1, 1997; Ord. 3006 § 7, 1985; Ord. 2835 § 1, 1983)