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A. It shall be the duty of the code enforcement division, fire department, and/or police department to enforce this title as set forth herein. Pursuant to the provisions of California Penal Code Section 836.5, any officer or employee of the building department of the city holding the position of building inspector III or higher may enforce the provisions of Title 17 of the Bakersfield Municipal Code and Chapter 2, Part 3, Division 13 of the California Health and Safety Code (Section 19100 et seq.) and may arrest a person without a warrant whenever that officer or employee has reasonable cause to believe that the person to be arrested has committed a misdemeanor in his or her presence which is a violation of any law which he or she has the duty to enforce. All departments, officials and public employees of the city, vested with the duty or authority to issue permits or licenses, shall conform to the provisions of this title and shall issue no permit or license for uses, buildings or purposes in conflict with the provisions of this title; and any such permit or license issued in conflict with the provisions of this title shall be null and void.

B. The provisions of this title shall be interpreted and administered by the planning commission whose inspectors or authorized representatives shall have the right to enter upon any premises affected by this title for purposes of inspection.

C. Any building or structure erected or maintained, or any use of property, contrary to the provisions of this title shall be and the same is unlawful and a public nuisance and the city attorney shall immediately commence actions and proceedings for the abatement, removal and enjoinment thereof, in the manner provided by law; and shall take such other steps, and shall apply to any court as may have jurisdiction to grant such relief as will abate or remove such building, structure or use and restrain and enjoin any person, firm or corporation from erecting or maintaining such building or structure, or using any property contrary to the provisions of this title.

D. This title may also be enforced by injunction issued out of the Superior Court upon the suit of the city or the owner or occupant of any real property affected by such violation or prospective violation. This method of enforcement shall be cumulative and in no way affect the penal provisions of this code. (Ord. 4924 § 1, 2017; Ord. 3004 § 2, 1985; prior code § 17.76.010)