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A. Report Submittal. Surface mining operators shall forward an annual surface mining report to the State Department of Conservation and to the planning director on a date established by the State Department of Conservation, upon forms furnished by the State Mining and Geology Board. New mining operations shall file an initial surface mining report and any applicable filing fees with the State Department of Conservation within thirty days of permit approval, or before commencement of operations, whichever is sooner. Any applicable fees, together with a copy of the annual inspection report, shall be forwarded to the State Department of Conservation at the time of filing the annual surface mining report.

B. Inspections. The planning director, or his or her designee, shall inspect a surface mining operation within six months of receipt of the annual report to determine whether the surface mining operation is in compliance with the approved conditional use permit, reclamation plan, financial assurance and state regulations. In no event shall less than one inspection be conducted in any calendar year. All inspections shall be conducted using a form approved and provided by the State Mining and Geology Board. (Ord. 3943 § 5, 1999; prior code § 17.75.090)