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Notwithstanding anything to the contrary stated in the subdivision or zoning regulations of the city, the following shall be the minimum standards of development within the MH zone for mobile home parks and subdivisions:

A. Height. No building, structure, or vehicle, except a recreation building, erected on or moved onto a lot shall have a height greater than one story or exceed fifteen feet. No recreation vehicles shall be stored in said front yard.

B. Front Yard. There shall be a front yard depth of not less than fifteen feet. No recreation vehicle shall be stored in said front yard.

C. Rear Yard. There shall be a rear yard depth of not less than five feet.

D. Side Yards. There shall be a side yard of at least five feet on both sides.

E. Lot Size. Every lot shall be of a size and shape which will provide reasonable area for private use and development and for convenient placement of one mobile home and appropriate accessory buildings or structures. The total number of lots provided in any mobile home subdivision shall conform to the maximum density of seven lots per acre.

F. Roofed Area. The total roofed area including mobile home and accessory buildings or structures shall not exceed sixty percent of the net area of the lot.

G. Open Space. There shall be an overall total of at least five hundred square feet per lot devoted to open space which may be on the individual lot or common areas within the development.

H. Wall. A six-foot masonry wall, or approved equivalent fencing, shall be constructed on the side and rear perimeter boundaries of the development, where required to protect existing future use of the adjacent property.

I. Access. The park or subdivision shall have at least two means of ingress or egress leading to a public street. One of the access points may be restricted to emergency vehicles only, with a breakaway barricade or other removable barrier subject to approval of the police chief and fire chief.

J. Off-street Parking. The development shall contain two off-street automobile parking spaces consisting of approved concrete slabs for each mobile home lot. In addition to such parking spaces for lot owners, there shall be established and maintained with the subdivision of an off-street automobile parking area or areas for use of guests. The number of spaces shall be equal to one space for every eight mobile home lots or fraction thereof, each space to be no less than eight and one-half by twenty feet, plus the additional area as is necessary to afford adequate ingress and egress therefrom. (Ord. 2721 § 2, 1982; prior code § 17.50.080)