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The planning commission shall hold a public hearing on the proposed plan with notice given in accordance with Section 17.64.050. Plans and elevations showing the exterior architectural design and appearance of all permanent buildings and structures and plot plans showing locations and dimension of access ways, structures, landscaping, parking areas and other improvements of the individual mobile home park to be established shall be subject to the approval of the planning commission in order that the proposed mobile home park will be in harmony with other structures and improvements in the area and will comply with all standards and requirements as set forth in Section 17.50.080 and in Chapter 15.68 of this code. In the event the planning commission determines that the mobile home park as proposed to be developed does not meet the intent of the regulations set forth in such chapters and all laws and regulations adopted pursuant thereto, the planning commission shall deny the permit for the mobile home park. (Ord. 3964 § 35, 2000; Ord. 2721 § 1, 1982; prior code § 17.50.040)