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The following uses are permitted in an MH zone:

A. A mobile home park;

B. A mobile home subdivision;

C. Mobile home accessory buildings or structures for which a building permit is required. In no event shall any accessory building or structure be placed or permitted to remain on any lot in the MH zone unless a mobile home is first placed on said lot. The use of any such accessory building or structure in the MH zone for housekeeping purposes is prohibited;

D. Community recreation facilities for the use of renters of lots within a mobile home park or for use of individual lot owners within a mobile home subdivision;

E. Temporary real estate office to be used only for and during the original sale of lots within a subdivision, but not to exceed a period of one year; such period of time may be extended for one additional year for good cause, upon approval of the planning commission;

F. One-story office building to be used for the business of a mobile home park by the owner or operator of said park or to be used for the business of the legal entity required to be formed for maintenance of common areas of a subdivision;

G. Any use permitted in the R-1 zone. (Ord. 3964 §§ 33, 34, 2000; Ord. 3768 § 3, 1997; prior code § 17.50.020)