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A. Purpose. The purpose of the FP-S, secondary floodplain combining zone shall be the protection of life and property from the hazards and damages which may result from floodwaters of the intermediate regional flood and to permit economic recovery of oil, gas and hydrocarbon substances.

B. Application. This zone is intended for application to those areas of the city which lie within the fringe area of the floodplain and are subject to less severe inundation during flooding conditions than occurs in the FP-P zone. This zone may be applied only to those areas located within boundaries of the intermediate regional flood which lie outside the FP-P primary floodplain zone. Land may be classified as being solely in the FP-S zone and subject to the development standards and regulations set forth in this chapter or the FP-S zone may be used as an overlay to modify an underlying zone and provide more restrictive standards and regulations than would otherwise apply in such underlying zone. (Ord. 2800 § 2, 1983; prior code § 17.46.100)