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The following uses are specifically prohibited in the FP-P zone:

A. All uses not permitted by Sections 17.42.030, 17.42.040 and 17.42.060;

B. Human habitations;

C. Excavations that will tend to direct flood-flows out of the natural floodplain;

D. Storage of floatable substances or materials which will add to the debris load of a stream or watercourse;

E. Improvements, developments or encroachments which will endanger life or property or that will obstruct the natural flow of floodwater or impair the ability of the streambed and that portion of the floodplain that would be used to carry flood-flows, to carry and discharge the waters resulting from the intermediate regional flood;

F. Any use which endangers temporary safeguards erected until such time as flood protection or control works have been constructed;

G. Drilling for and production of petroleum, except that area located within the state approved boundary of the Kern River oil field as delineated on Map 457 of the D.O.G. (Ord. 3477 § 3, 1992; prior code § 17.46.060)