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The following uses are permitted in the FP-P zone:

A. Remedial work, improvements and floodproofing which will permit development within such zone in accordance with this chapter so that any such development will offer no more obstruction to flood flow than that which will cause a zero rise in the surface of the intermediate regional flood in any section of the river, will not cause peripheral flooding of other properties, will not materially impair the ability of the primary floodplain to discharge the waters resulting from an intermediate regional flood, will either be resistant to flotation or immune to extensive damage by flooding and will not endanger life or property;

B. Flood control channels, surface water spreading grounds, streambed retarding basins and other similar facilities;

C. Grazing, field crops, truck gardening, wildlife preserves, horticultural specialties, excluding trees, and similar agricultural or open space uses, riding and hiking trails;

D. Public utility facilities excepting those structures for which a conditional use permit is required under Section 17.42.060. (Ord. 5064 § 1, 2021; prior code § 17.46.030)