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A. Purpose. The purpose of the FP-P zone, primary floodplain zone shall be the prevention of loss of life, the minimization of property damage, and the maintenance of satisfactory conveyance capacities of waterways through the prevention of obstructions in the floodplain which diminish the ability of the floodplain to carry overloads during periods of flooding and to permit economic recovery of oil, gas and hydrocarbon substances, to the end that such economically vital development will offer a minimum obstruction to flood-flow, will not cause peripheral flooding of other properties, will not materially impair the ability of the primary floodplain to discharge the waters resulting from an intermediate regional flood, will either be resistant to flotation or immune to extensive damage by flooding. This zone is intended for application in those areas of the city which lie within natural streambeds and those portions of adjacent floodplains through which high velocity waterflows are channelized in times of flood.

B. Exclusive Zone. This zone is an exclusive zone and may be applied only to those areas within the boundaries of the intermediate regional flood which have been determined to be the primary floodplain area. (Prior code § 17.46.020)