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A. Where the city council has made an independent finding of the necessity of imposing architectural control for one or more of the reasons set out in this chapter, plans of exterior architectural design and appearance of all buildings and structures, plot plans, landscape plans, advertising sign plans, parking area plans and building setback plans shall be subject to the approval of the planning commission in order that the proposed buildings, structures, signs and landscaping will be consistent with the adopted standards pursuant to Section 17.41.040.

B. In the event it is determined that any proposed structure is inconsistent with the standards required of Section 17.41.040, the planning commission shall confer with the applicant in an endeavor to have the plans changed so that the structure will be harmonious in ap-pearance with the surroundings. In case the applicant is not satisfied with the action of the planning commission, he may, within thirty days after such action, appeal in writing to the city council. The city council shall hold a public hearing on the appeal and shall render its decision thereon within thirty days after the filing thereof. Upon approval by the city council, the building permit shall be issued, provided all other requirements of law have been met. (Ord. 2716 § 1, 1982)