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While any use may be permitted by conditional use permit pursuant to subsection B of Section 17.64.020, the following uses are not permitted in the M-3 zone except by conditional use permit issued in accordance with the procedures provided in Chapter 17.64 of this code:

A. Coal-fired cogeneration facility or steam generators;

B. Community septic disposal systems;

C. Electrical power generator plants;

D. Hazardous waste disposal facilities;

E. Mining and mineral extraction;

F. Nonhazardous oily waste disposal facilities;

G. Sanitary landfills;

H. Septage disposal sites;

I. Sewage treatment plants;

J. Transfer station;

K. Waste-to-energy facilities. (Ord. 3746 § 12, 1997; Ord. 3383 § 1, 1991)