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The following uses are permitted in an M-3 zone:

1. Acetylene gas manufacture and storage,

2. Acid manufacture,

3. Alcohol and alcoholic beverage manufacturing and distillation,

4. Beef, swine, poultry or rabbit slaughter,

5. Blast furnaces,

6. Cement and lime manufacturing when the manufacturing plant is equipped capable of collecting at least ninety-seven percent of all particulate matter from kiln gases,

7. Chemical manufacture,

8. Clay product manufacture,

9. Coke ovens,

10. Cotton gins or oil mills,

11. Creosote treatment or manufacture,

12. Curing, tanning, and storage of raw hide or skins,

13. Disinfectant manufacture,

14. Distillation of coal, wood, bones, or tar,

15. Drop forge industries manufacturing forgings with power hammers,

16. Explosives, manufacture or storage,

17. Exterminator or insect poison manufacture,

18. Fat rendering,

19. Feed and fuel yards,

20. Fertilizer manufacture,

21. Forge plants,

22. Gelatin or size manufacture,

23. Glass or glass product manufacture,

24. Glucose or dextrine manufacture,

25. Glue manufacture,

26. Iron, steel, brass or copper foundries or fabrication plants, and heavy weight casting,

27. Nonmineral oil extracting plants,

28. Ore reduction,

29. Paint, oil, shellac, turpentine or varnish manufacture,

30. Paper or pulp manufacture,

31. Petroleum refining, reclaiming plants, and associated uses,

32. Rolling mills,

33. Rubber processing and manufacture,

34. Sawmills,

35. Smelting of tin, copper, zinc, or iron ores,

36. Scrap metal yards, junkyards,

37. Tar roofing or waterproofing or other tar products manufacture,

38. Accessory buildings or structures necessary to such use located on the same lot or parcel of land,

39. Dwelling for use by a caretaker or night security, or as accessory and incidental to the permitted use on the parcel. (Ord. 3383 § 1, 1991)