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The following requirements shall apply to all development permitted by this chapter:

A. All permitted and conditional uses pursuant to this chapter shall be subject to site plan review as provided in Chapter 17.08 of this code.

B. Landscaping shall be subject to the requirements of Chapter 17.61 of this code.

C. Off-street parking and loading shall be subject to the requirements of Chapter 17.58 of this code.

D. Signs shall be subject to the requirements of Chapter 17.60 of this code.

E. Commercial development proposed adjacent to property zoned or designated for residential development shall be required to be separated by a solid masonry wall constructed a minimum height of six feet from highest grade. Any wall located within or along the front yard area shall not exceed a height of four feet. Along street frontages, landscaping shall be required in lieu of or in combination with a solid wall, as determined by the development services director, to screen the proposed development from the residential uses.

F. Open storage of material and equipment permitted in this zone shall be surrounded and screened by a solid wall or fence, including solid gates where necessary, not less than six feet in height. Materials shall not be stacked above the height of the screening.

G. For developments under this section using outside storage, the areas devoted to outside storage shall be treated with a permanent dust binder or other permanent dust control measures consistent with air pollution control regulations, as approved by the planning director.

H. Roof-top areas of commercial structures shall be completely screened from view by parapets or other finished architectural features constructed to a height of the highest equipment and unfinished structural element or architectural feature of the building. This requirement shall apply to all new commercial construction and remodeling of existing commercial structures which involve a change of fifty percent or more of the roof structure or an addition of fifty percent or more to the floor area of the commercial structure.

I. Retail developments shall comply with design standards listed in Section 17.08.140. (Ord. 5006 § 3, 2020; Ord. 4939 § 10, 2018; Ord. 4714 § 1, 2012; Ord. 3964 § 20, 2000; Ord. 3835 § 10, 1998; Ord. 3395 § 1, 1991)