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The following uses are permitted in a C-O zone;

A. Any one or more of the following uses:

1. Accounting, auditing, tax preparation and bookkeeping services.

2. Advertising agencies.

3. Banks, savings and loans, credit unions and other financial institutions.

4. Business and management consulting services.

5. Business and professional membership organizations.

6. Church, excluding schools.

7. Commercial art and graphic design.

8. Commercial photography, including portrait studios.

9. Computer programming and data processing services.

10. Consumer credit reporting and collection services.

11. Day care nursery.

12. Detective and security systems services.

13. Direct mail advertising services.

14. Employment agency and help supply services.

15. Engineering, surveying, architectural and environmental planning services.

16. Family and social service, clinics and centers.

17. Governmental services and administration, including libraries, museums, galleries and judicial courts; police, fire, and other emergency service alarm centers.

18. Insurance services.

19. Legal services.

20. Management and public relations services.

21. Medical, dental, psychiatric and other health practitioner offices and clinics, including chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy and blood banks.

22. Medical and dental laboratories.

23. Mortgage, loan and personal credit institutions.

24. Palm reading, fortune telling, astrologic and psychic services.

25. Pharmacies, in conjunction with medical clinics.

26. Post office and other courier or parcel delivery services.

27. Public and private utility administration.

28. Real estate development, sales and property management services.

29. Secretarial and court reporting services.

30. Telecommunications administration.

31. Television, radio and cable broadcasting stations.

32. Title and escrow offices.

33. Travel agencies.

34. Trusts and investment agencies.

B. Accessory buildings or structures necessary to such use located on the same lot or parcel of land.

C. Temporary offices including portable, modular or prefabricated structures constructed in conformance with the uniform codes adopted by the city (Title 15 of this code) and not attached to permanent foundations may be allowed for a period not to exceed two years, plus one-year extension subject to the approval of the planning commission.

D. Dwelling for use by caretaker or night security, or as accessory and incidental to the permitted use on the parcel. (Ord. 3964 § 19, 2000; Ord. 3746 § 4, 1997; Ord. 3395 § 1, 1991)