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A. Dedications of or offers to dedicate interests in real property for specified public purposes shall be made by a certificate on the final tract map, signed and acknowledged by those parties having any record title interest in the real property being subdivided, subject to the provisions of Section 66436 of the Map Act.

B. In the event any street shown on such map is not offered for dedication the certificate shall contain a statement to this effect. If such statement appears on the map and if the map is approved by the city council, the use of any such street or streets by the public shall be permissive only.

C. An offer of dedication of real property for street or public utility easement purposes shall be deemed not to include any public utility facilities located on or under such real property, unless and only to the extent and intent to dedicate such facilities is expressly stated in the certificate. (Ord. 3515 § 1, 1993)