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Pursuant to Government Code Section 66499.20 3/4, a property owner owning contiguous parcels is authorized to merge those contiguous legal parcels without requiring the property to be reverted to acreage. Such merger shall be accomplished in accordance with the following procedures:

A. The property owner shall file an application for merger with the city, submit evidence of title to all parcels to be affected, submit a proposed certificate of merger, and pay the processing fee established by resolution of the city council.

B. The city engineer, or an authorized designee, shall consider and approve the application if it is found that the parcel created by the merger will conform to the requirements of this code and applicable state law.

C. The merger shall be evidenced by recording a certificate of merger which lists the parcel numbers affected and is signed by the city engineer. The certificate of merger shall be recorded concurrently with any deed of easement regarding the relocation or elimination of applicable easements. The certificate of merger shall be recorded against each parcel that is merged. (Ord. 4004 § 13, 2001)