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A. Plans and specifications, including profiles where required by the city engineer, of all improvements required under the provisions of this title, as well as other improvements proposed to be installed and constructed by the subdivider in, over, or under any street or right-of-way, easement, lot or parcel of land where improvements are required or proposed, shall, along with an estimated plan check fee, be filed with the city engineer. The city shall not be obligated to accept public improvements shown on any such plan or specification constructed before the plans and specifications therefor have been approved by the city engineer.

B. In all cases where topography controls the design, all detailed plans, specifications and profiles of improvements required must be submitted at the time of the filing of the final parcel map, certificate of compliance or final tract map.

C. The title page of the plans shall have a wet signature. All other submittals may have an electronic signature. (Ord. 4819 § 1, 2015; Ord. 3748 § 12, 1997; Ord. 3515 § 1, 1993)