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A. Legal access to each lot or parcel of a subdivision shall be provided by:

1. Having frontage upon a public street (other than an alley), with the ability to access it (per Section 17.04.370); or

2. Having frontage upon a private easement (or private road) determined by the planning commission to be adequate for purposes of access (per Section 17.04.370); or

3. Dedication, or an offer of dedication, to the city for street purposes from a public road to each parcel; or

4. Recordation of a covenant of easement in accordance with Section 65870 of the Government Code. Such covenant may be released by direction of the planning commission, following a public hearing thereon, after the applicant seeking release has paid the fee therefor set by city council resolution.

B. Improved access to each parcel shall be provided as follows:

1. For land divisions where each parcel is twenty gross acres or larger, has no existing structures or buildings, and has a land use of commercial, residential or industrial:

a. Roads to be graded to a minimum width of twenty feet;

b. Maximum grade of roads shall be fifteen percent;

c. Roads shall be traversable by a standard passenger car;

d. Paving and base will not be required;

e. Dust binder or palliative as approved by the city engineer shall be applied;

f. Plans and profiles shall not be required;

g. A grading plan/topography map shall be provided to ensure maximum slope is not exceeded.

2. For all other land divisions, each lot or parcel of a subdivision shall be provided with approved vehicular access improved to city standards.

C. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the improvement of an access as described in subsection B above may be postponed if the planning commission finds, based on all evidence presented, that improvement of said access is premature to ultimate development of the parcel requiring the access. Such postponement may occur until further subdivision of the parcel or until issuance of a building permit on the parcel. Said postponement shall be noted on the parcel map and shall also be described in a covenant recorded over the parcel requiring the access. Said covenant shall run with the land and shall be recorded with the parcel map. (Ord. 3683 § 1, 1995; Ord. 3515 § 1, 1993)