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Each street or way which is to be dedicated, which is a continuation of, or approximately the continuation of, any existing dedicated street or way shall be shown on the tentative map and shall be given the same name as such existing street or way. The proposed name of each other street or way shall be shown on the tentative map and submitted to the planning director for approval, and if such name is not a duplication of, or so nearly the same as to cause confusion with, the name of any existing street or way located in the city, or in close proximity thereto, and if such name is appropriate for a street name, such name shall be approved. When any such street or way forms a portion of any proposed street or way ordered by the city council to be surveyed, opened, widened or improved, and in such order a name therefor is assigned or designated, the name of such street or way shown on the map shall be the same as the name contained in said order. (Ord. 3645 § 1, 1995; Ord. 3515 § 1, 1993)