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A. Any highway or street intersecting any other highway or street shall intersect at an angle as near a right angle as is practicable.

B. At street intersections which include major highways, intersecting at an angle of approximately ninety degrees, the block corner shall be rounded at the property line by a radius of not less than thirty feet.

C. At intersections of other streets, the radius shall not be less than twenty feet.

D. An optional method of a diagonal cutoff may be used; provided, that the dimensions thereof do not reduce the visibility, sidewalk width or curb radius obtained by the method specified above.

E. The curb radius may be required to conform to the radius of existing corners at the same intersection where such radius is greater than twenty feet.

F. Streets intersecting at an angle other than ninety degrees shall have sufficient radius or cut-off to provide the same results as to traffic movement, visibility and design as provided by the foregoing requirements of this section. (Ord. 3515 § 1, 1993)