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1. With approval of the advisory agency, any street, highway or way which is intended to be kept closed to public travel and posted as a private street shall be shown as a private street on the tentative and final map. Such private street shall be permitted only on conditions which guarantee reasonable maintenance thereof in accordance with Section 16.36.020.

2. A plan and profile of any such street as required by Section 16.32.060 must accompany said final tract or final parcel map. Private streets shall be shown on the maps as separate lots or parcels.

B. Where the subdivider files a final tract map or final parcel map, private streets may, with the approval of the city engineer, and advisory agency, deviate from the requirements prescribed by this title for public streets provided that:

1. With the submittal of the tentative map, the subdivider makes a specific request for each deviation, with a citation to the pertinent ordinance or standard requirement from which a deviation is requested.

2. Cross sections and other appropriate details are shown on the tentative map for all the requested deviations.

C. All private streets within the city must be posted as private streets by the subdivider. Each such street shall be named and names shall be subject to planning director approval. (Ord. 3748 § 10, 1997; Ord. 3515 § 1, 1993)