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A. A recorded parcel map may be amended as set forth in Section 66470 of the Map Act for any of the reasons set forth in Section 66469 of the Map Act.

B. A recorded parcel map may be modified by a certificate of correction or an amending map for reasons other than those set forth in Section 66469 of the Map Act, if after a noticed public hearing, the Planning Commission finds as follows:

1. There are changes in circumstances which make any or all of the conditions of the map no longer appropriate or necessary; and

2. The modifications do not impose any additional burden on the present fee owner of the property; and

3. The modifications do not alter any right, title, or interest in the real property reflected on the recorded map; and

4. The map, as modified, conforms to the provisions of Section 66474 of the Map Act.

The public hearing shall be noticed pursuant to Section 66451.3 of the Map Act and Section 16.16.060 and shall be confined to consideration of and action on the proposed modification. (Ord. 3515 § 1, 1993)