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A. Dedications of or offers to dedicate interests in real property for specified public purposes shall be made by a certificate on the final map or by separate instrument at the discretion of the city engineer.

B. If a subdivider is required to make a dedication of land for public purposes (other than for open space, schools or parks), the local agency must record a certificate with the county recorder identifying the subdivider and the land being dedicated, and stating that the land shall be reconveyed to the subdivider if the same public purpose for which it was dedicated no longer exists or the land or a portion thereof is not needed for public utilities. The subdivider may request that the local agency make such a determination and reconvey the land to the subdivider as provided above, but the agency may assess a fee for making the determination. The fee may not exceed the cost of making the determination. The local agency must give the subdivider sixty days’ notice prior to vacating, leasing, selling or otherwise disposing of the dedicated property unless the dedicated property will be used for the same public purpose for which it was dedicated. (Ord. 3515 § 1, 1993)