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A. The final parcel map shall show the location of streets and property lines bounding the property.

B. The final parcel map shall be legibly drawn, printed or reproduced by a process guaranteeing a permanent record in black on tracing cloth or polyester-base film. Certificates may be legibly stamped or printed upon the map with opaque ink. If ink is used on polyester-base film, the ink surface shall be coated with a suitable substance to assure permanent legibility.

C. The size of each sheet shall be eighteen by twenty-six inches. A marginal line shall be drawn completely around each sheet, leaving an entirely blank margin of one inch. The scale of the map shall be large enough to show all details clearly and enough sheets shall be used to accomplish this end. The particular number of the sheet and the total number of sheets comprising the map shall be stated on each of the sheets, and its relation to each adjoining sheet shall be clearly shown.

D. Each phase or unit shall be numbered in consecutive order, beginning with the number “1.” For each phase or unit, each buildable lot shall be numbered in consecutive order beginning with the number “1.” Each nonbuildable lot shall be lettered in consecutive order beginning with the letter “A.” The scale of the map and north arrow shall be shown on each sheet. Each street shall be labeled with the name approved by the planning director.

E. The exterior boundary of the land included within the subdivision shall be indicated by distinctive symbols and clearly so designated.

F. The final parcel map shall show the location of each parcel and its relation to surrounding surveys. The location of any remainder of the original parcel need not be shown as a matter of survey but only by deed reference to the existing record boundaries if such remainder has a gross area of five acres or more.

G. The title of each final parcel map shall consist of a parcel map number as secured from the appropriate county agency conspicuously placed at the top of the sheet.

H. The area of each parcel shall be shown. (Ord. 4232 § 4, 2005; Ord. 3515 § 1, 1993)