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Any decision made by the city administrator in the course of administering this chapter may be appealed to the city council by filing a written notice of appeal with the city clerk. The written notice of appeal shall set forth the grounds of the appeal and shall be filed within ten calendar days after the decision of the city administrator. The cost to file a notice of appeal with the city clerk shall be as set forth in Chapter 3.70 of the Bakersfield Municipal Code. The city council may, upon said hearing, sustain, modify, reject or overrule the decision of the city administrator, which decision shall be final and conclusive. (Ord. 4150 § 1, 2003; Ord. 4085 § 1, 2002; Ord. 3736 § 1, 1996; Ord. 3513 § 1, 1993; Ord. 3429 § 1, 1992)