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Section D103.5 of the CFC, Fire Apparatus Access Road Gates, is amended to read as follows:

D103.5 Fire Apparatus Access Road Gates. Gates securing the fire apparatus roads shall comply with all of the following criteria:

1. The minimum gate width shall be twenty feet (6,096 mm) and a minimum vertical clearance of thirteen feet six inches is required when the gate is at full open position. Where there is more than one gate and two or more fire apparatus access roads separated by islands, a minimum horizontal clearance of fifteen feet for each gate and a minimum vertical clearance of thirteen feet six inches is required when gates are at full open position. Horizontal distance shall be measured perpendicular to the direction of travel on the driveway. Vertical distance shall be measured from the highest elevation of the driveway to the lowest overhead obstruction.

2. Gates shall be of the swinging or sliding type.

3. Construction of gates shall be of materials that allow manual operation by one person.

4. Gate components shall be maintained in an operative condition at all times and replaced or repaired when defective.

5. Electric gates shall be equipped with a means of opening the gate by fire department personnel for emergency access. Emergency opening devices shall be approved by the fire code official. All new construction of access gates shall be equipped with an automatic opening device which is activated through the wireless activation system utilized on City of Bakersfield owned vehicles for traffic preemption. Installation and maintenance of the wireless activation system on access gate(s) shall be completed by the gate owner. The gate opening device shall have a disconnect feature for manual operation of the gate when the power fails.

6. Manual opening gates shall not be locked with a padlock or chain and padlock unless they are capable of being opened by means of forcible entry tools or when a key box containing the key(s) to the lock is installed at the gate location.

7. Locking device specifications shall be submitted for approval by the fire code official.

8. A minimum fire apparatus access road length to the gate from the flow line of the public street shall be fifty feet for developments of twenty units or less. For each increment of twenty units thereafter, an additional twenty feet of storage length for waiting vehicles shall be added to the fire apparatus access road length.

9. Fire apparatus access road requirements and specifications shall be as set forth in Section 503 of this code.

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