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Section 112.3.3 of the CFC, Prosecution of violations, is amended to read as follows:

112.3.3 Prosecution of violations. When the chief finds any buildings, premises, vehicle, storage facility or outdoor area that is in violation of this code, the chief is authorized to issue administrative compliance orders requiring that the violation be corrected and imposing an administrative penalty, in accordance with the following:

1. In establishing a penalty amount and ordering that the violation be corrected pursuant to this section the chief shall take into consideration the nature, circumstances, extent, and gravity of the violation, the violator’s past and present efforts to prevent, abate, or clean up conditions posing a threat to the public health or fire safety or the environment, the violator’s ability to pay the penalty, and the deterrent effect that the imposition of the penalty would have on both the violator and the regulated community.

2. All administrative penalties collected from actions brought by the chief pursuant to this section shall be deposited into a special account that shall be expended to fund the activities of the prevention services division in enforcing this code.

3. The chief shall consult with the district attorney, county counsel, or city attorney on the development of policies to be followed in exercising the authority delegated pursuant to this section as it relates to the authority of the chief to issue orders.

Exception: This section does not do any of the following:

1. Otherwise affect the authority of the chief to take any other action authorized by any other provision of law, except the chief shall not require a person to pay a penalty pursuant to this section and pursuant to a local ordinance for the same violation.

2. Restrict the power of a city attorney, district attorney, county counsel, or the Attorney General to bring, in the name of the people of California, any criminal proceeding otherwise authorized by law.

3. Prevent the chief from cooperating with or participating in a proceeding specified in paragraph (2).

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