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Section 150.0, subdivision (s), is amended to read as follows:

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) ready. All single-family residences that include one or two dwelling units shall meet the following requirements. All electrical components shall be installed in accordance with the California Electrical Code:

1. One of the following shall be provided:

A. Multi-mode BESS system capable of supplying the branch circuits identified by Section 150.0(s)(2) when in the island mode. System capacity shall be in accordance with Section 710.15 of the California Electrical Code.

B. A minimum 120/240-volt, 125-ampere, load-center supplied by a 60-ampere feeder from the service panelboard. The service panelboard and load-center shall each include an empty spare 1” minimum raceway stubbed to accessible attic space.

2. The following branch circuits shall be supplied by the BESS or load-center of (1) above:

A. One 20-ampere, kitchen countertop, small appliance, branch circuit.

B. The branch circuit supplying the refrigerator outlet.

C. One lighting branch circuit that provides illumination for the primary egress.

D. One branch circuit that supplies a receptacle outlet located in a sleeping room.

3. The service panelboard shall have a minimum busbar rating of 225-amperes.

(Ord. 5112 § 1, 2022)