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A. Whenever an enforcement officer charged with the enforcement of this chapter determines that a violation of a provision has occurred, the enforcement officer shall have the authority to issue an administrative citation to any person responsible for the violation. Said enforcement officer shall be a trained city agent or their designee.

B. Each administrative citation shall contain the following information:

1. The date of the violation or, if the date of the violation is unknown, then the date the violation is identified;

2. The address or a definite description of the location where the violation occurred;

3. The section of the code violated and a description of the violation;

4. The amount of the fine and how to pay it;

5. A description of the administrative citation review process;

6. An order prohibiting the continuation or repeated occurrence of the code violation described in the administrative citation; and

7. The name and signature of the citing enforcement officer.

C. The fine shall be paid to the city within thirty days from the date of the administrative citation; payment of a fine under this section shall not excuse or discharge any continuation or repeated occurrence of the code violation that is the subject of the administrative citation.

D. The city may collect any past due administrative citation fine by use of all available legal means. (Ord. 5102 § 1, 2022; Ord. 4830 § 1, 2015)