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Whenever an easement for parking, ingress, egress, emergency access, light and air access, landscaping or open space purposes is required by the city to be made in connection with approval of any subdivision, site plan, building permit, general plan or zoning amendment, or in satisfaction of such requirement imposed pollutant to any adopted city procedure, regulation or ordinance, such easement may be created by recorded covenant, provided:

A. At the time of recording of the covenant of easement, all the real property benefited or burdened by the covenant is under common ownership;

B. The covenant of easement contains a legal description of the real property to be subject to the easement and of the real property to be benefited thereby, identifies the approval, permit or designation granted which relies upon or required the covenant, and is executed by the owner of the real property. (Ord. 3081 § 1, 1987)